Hi, I am Suryaveer

An architect who is also a full stack developer.


I am Suryaveer Patnaik, an architect with the soul of a programmer. I am settled in Berlin and at present contribute to Technical University of Berlin as a Research Associate in data analytics and project management of EU funded projects.

I love developing meaningful and intuitive web applications for businesses and enjoy the full life cycle from UX/UI design to backend and infrastructure design. I have 4 plus years of experience building cross functional teams and start-ups from scratch and I constantly leverage that to build products.

Technology Stack

UX / UI Design

Adobe Xd
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Invision App


Html 5
React js
Adobe Xd

Backend & Db

Node Js
Mongo DB

Deployment & VC

Amazon Web Services


Mitory - Minimalistic Journaling

Type / Status
Spec Project, Deployed
Tech Stack
HTML, Javascript, Node.js, Express, EJS, MongoDB
Mitory is a online journaling web application. It is designed with an idea to keep the application clean and simple with the focus on writing. The site is rendered on the server side and uses EJS templating engine. The backend is written in Javascript for NodeJs runtime and Express Framework.

Hawk - IoT Sensor Logging API

Type / Status
Professional, Staging
Tech Stack
Javascript, Node.js, Express
Hawk is an API for sensor data logging for the project EZY-CRD-GO an EU funded Project. I wrote this API to interact with the sensors and eventually the web dashboard.

Athena - React Frontend Demo

Type / Status
Spec Project
Tech Stack
React js, Javascript, HTML, Context API, CSS
Athena is an e-commerce website for a bookstore. This is a front end demo project made with 100% React. Demonstrates use of different principles including functional programming, components, state management and Context API.

Plugsurfing CPO Payout Tool

Type / Status
Client, Sold
Tech Stack
Python, PyQt
A Charging Point Operator payout tool developed for processing CDR files from the CPOs for Plugsurfing. The software initially developed for Windows is written in Python with PyQt for GUI.

Curriculum Vitae

I am a completely self taught programmer and believe that skills can be learned but mindset to solve problems is everything. I have a unique mix of backgrounds, both professional and academic that gives me a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving and it is my biggest strength.

My full professional CV can be downloaded here.